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Silverlake Winery Pattaya

Silverlake Winery Pattaya
Silverlake winery (Silverlake Vineyards or Silverlake Grape Farm) has recently become one of most popular attractions in Pattaya. Although visitors are unable to see the wine yards with a plenty of grapes all the times, it is still very popular without any seasoning problems. This is because visitors can find a spectacular view at this Silverlake Winery such as the colorful flowers, Khao Chi Chan as a background, sunset at the lake, and so on. Activities and grape-made products are also provided to become more attractive to visitors.

The owner of Silverlake Winery is Thai ex-leading actress, named Supansa Nuangphirom. She was inspired to establish this winery after visiting several wineries in the United State. The current location of this winery, she said, was also chosen because of great advantages - near a reservoir, Khao Chi Chan, and Pattaya. Then Silverlake has constantly developed to be a Pattaya tourist attraction.

After opening for tourists to visit, this winery was once promoted in the Thai TV series, named "Soot Saneha", and then Silverlake becomes very popular to Thai visitors. These days, Thai visitors, especially from Bangkok, have included Silverlake in the list of places to visit when coming to Pattaya.

One of the reasons that Silverlake becomes even more interesting to visitors is spectacularly natural views. Visitors can see colorful flowers once they are at in front of the winery. They can feel the gentle breeze while walking through or seeing the very large wine yard. Khao Chi Chan which is located near the winery is presented as a great background of the view. Moreover, lots of visitors are very pleased to absolutely romantic atmosphere from the sunset on the reservoir. However, it is quite hot temperature in the afternoon, so at that time it would be better to bring a hat or whatever for protecting the sunlight.

Silverlake has still been developed to attract more visitors due to adding more activities and grape-made products to encourage more visitors' satisfactory. Activities that tourists can currently do in the Silverlake are riding an ATV, horse-drawn carriage, Elephant, bicycle, and look around the yard by a round trip bus. In the case of grape-made products, there are wine, 100% grape juices, grape jam, grape pie, grape jelly, raisins, and so on.

Additionally, there is a food court provided for visitors opposite to the wine yards, so visitors do not need to prepare any food before going to Silverlake. However, it also allows visitors to take their own food to picnic there. With the windmill and reservoir, it would be a good choice to picnic at Silverlake Pattaya.

Visitors can go there by a metered taxi or Songthaew, but it might be too far for a motorcycle. In the case that visitors would like to go to Silverlake by their own car, visitors need to go on Sukhumvit Road to the Sattahip direction until seeing a notice sign for Khao Chi Chan on the left hand side. After turning left, just go straight away for 6 kilometers.

There is no charge for the entrance fee.

Contact information:
Address: 31/62, Moo 7, Na Jomtien, Pattaya
Tel: +66-3893-8250
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the map of Silverlake Winery Pattaya

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