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Sea Turtle Conservation Center

Sea Turtle Conservation Center
Sea Turtle Conservation Center, Sattahip, Thailand, is one of interesting attractions around Pattaya and Sattahip. When visiting this place, visitors will get knowledge about sea turtle life and Different types of Thai sea turtles. There is also a few turtle ponds for visitors to see turtles in different ages. Outside of the building, there is a small beach set up and a turtle statue for taking a photo, but visitors are not allowed to go swimming there. The location of this Sea Turtle Conservation Center is in the area of Air and Coastal Defend Command, Sattahip.

To preserve the existence of Thai sea turtles, Royal Thai Navy set up the Sea Turtle Conservation Center in 1954. An objective of establishment was also to raise them safely before returning them to the natural life. Every year, there are several thousand of sea turtles returned.

To bring sea turtles to raise in the conservation center starts from Thai Navy searching for those who try to steal turtle eggs, and to keep such eggs safely, they bring the eggs back for raising in the center. After the turtles have grown enough, they will be returned to the sea.

In this conservation center, there are three major areas. The first one is the building for providing general knowledge of turtle life to visitors. The second one is a few ponds for showing turtles in different ages. The final area is a small aquarium which visitors can see how turtles and several types of fish in the tanks.

At the Sea Turtle Conservation Center, there is no entrance fee for both Thai and foreign visitors (there is a donation box in front of the gate though). It opens from 08.00 to 17.00. Its location is in the area of Air and Coastal Defend Command, Sattahip. From Pattaya, go to Sattahip By Sukhumvit Road, and then turn left at the Sattahip market junction. Go straight on for about 6 kilometers, you will see in the Air and Coastal Defend Head Quarter on the right hand side.

Contact information:
Address: inside the Navys Surface to Air and Coast Department General Headquarters
Map (Image)
the map of Sea Turtle Conservation Center

Sea Turtle Conservation Center 1Sea Turtle Conservation Center 2Sea Turtle Conservation Center 3
Sea Turtle Conservation Center 4Sea Turtle Conservation Center 5Sea Turtle Conservation Center 6
Sea Turtle Conservation Center 7Sea Turtle Conservation Center 8Sea Turtle Conservation Center 9
Sea Turtle Conservation Center 10Sea Turtle Conservation Center 11Sea Turtle Conservation Center 12
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Map of Sea Turtle Conservation Center with Google Map แสดงสถานที่เที่ยวใกล้เคียง แสดงร้านอาหารใกล้เคียง

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