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Pattaya Underwater World

Pattaya Underwater World
Pattaya Underwater world is the first tourist attraction in Pattaya that offers visitors to view a plenty of ocean creatures underwater. In this aquarium, there not only is an area that visitors can touch marine animals but also a long tunnel, 105 meters approximately, with acrylic windows. This offers visitors to feel like walking through the ocean depth. Visitors can also see staffs of the Underwater World diving down into the water to feed fish. To Visit Pattaya Underwater World would also be an opportunity to earn both marine animal knowledge and experience.

This Pattaya Underwater World firstly presents a location called Touch Pool Zone. In this area, there are rock pool creations for visitors to interact with marine animals such as turtles, seashores, a variety of fishes, seaweed, color corals, and so on. After walking through this area, visitors will find the transparent acrylic tunnel where it is separated into 3 major areas: Coral Reef Zone, Open Ocean Zone, and Giant of Siam Zone. In the Coral Reef Zone, visitors will see a number of colorful fish in the tropical coral reefs. For the Open Ocean Zone, visitors are able to come face to face with powerful predators from the ocean depth as Black Tip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Black-blotched Rays, and many more. The Giant of Siam Zone (or shipwrecks Zone) is the sunken ship becoming an excellent home for a large number of aquatic animals.

The feeding time is interesting and exciting because a staff dives in the water to feed fish. While feeding them, there are so great numbers of fish around the staff that it is difficult to see him, and when feeding sharks, the staff also feeds them towards their mouth.

Feeding Time

Otter Tank: 9.30/ 11.00/14.30/17.00
Touch Pool: 13.00
Amazon Tank: 15.30
Coral Reef Zone: 10.30 / 14.00
Open Ocean Zone: 10.00 / 11.30 / 15.00 / 16.30

Pattaya Underwater World is open from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m., and it is situated just next to Sukhumvit Road at 200 meters from South Pattaya Tesco lotus. Because of the close to the city, it is very easy to go there by a Song Thaew or a motorbike taxi.

The entrance fee is 450 Baht for an adult and 250 Baht for a kid (but free for any children are less tall than 90 centimeters).

Contact information:
Address: 22/22 Moo 11, Sukhumvit Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung
Tel: +66 (0)-3875-6879
Map (Image)
the map of Pattaya Underwater World

Underwater World Pattaya 1Underwater World Pattaya 2Underwater World Pattaya 3
Underwater World Pattaya 4Underwater World Pattaya 5Underwater World Pattaya 6
Underwater World Pattaya 7Underwater World Pattaya 8Underwater World Pattaya 9
Underwater World Pattaya 10Underwater World Pattaya 11Underwater World Pattaya 12
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Map of Pattaya Underwater World with Google Map แสดงสถานที่เที่ยวใกล้เคียง แสดงร้านอาหารใกล้เคียง

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Sketch Book Art Cafe
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Sketch Book Art Cafe is a soft restaurant in Pattaya that is designed with different style from other restaurants. This is because it is the art-gallery cafe. Customers of the cafe can experience drinking or eating in the middle of art furniture. There are also different flowers and plants grown around the cafe. This makes the atmosphere more natural and attractive. There is also Free Internet WiFi offered here. So, it is a great place for relaxing in Pattaya.
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As the name of the restaurant means "living crab", Pu Pen is a restaurant mainly offering fresh seafood dishes. The restaurant's atmosphere is good as it is located next to the sea, and because of that sea view is another lovely factor apart from delicious seafood that customers can enjoy about. Food price is also reasonable, where it is not expensive even for Thai customers. Additionally, customer can order the set of dishes provided by the restaurant, which the price will become cheaper. It is also easy to find Pu Pen restaurant since its location is at the end of Jomtien beach. Note that customers should make a reservation before going there on weekend or any public holiday.
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Pizzeria Romana
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Pizzeria Romana is one of interesting Italian restaurants in Pattaya. Although the restaurant has not been recommended by many major sources, from a chance of visiting the restaurant once, Pizzeria is one of our choices whenever we would like to have pizza or spaghetti in the city. The food price is also not expensive, a little cheaper than pizza restaurants in shopping centers, in general. The location of the restaurant is in Central Shopping Arcade.
Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant
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When talking about great seafood restaurants in Pattaya, Lung Sawai Restaurant is definitely included in the list. As delicious seafood and inexpensive price provided, the restaurant has constantly become more renowned. The restaurant is not just famous for foreign visitors, but also Thai visitors. The restaurant is quite large, being able to take care of approximately 500 customers. This is because there are 2 parts of the restaurant for customers to choose. One is in front of Jomtien beach, while another one is row house on the opposite side. The location is at Jomtien Beach. Note that on Friday – Sunday, there are a lot of customer coming to the restaurants.
Mae Sri Ruen Restaurant Pattaya
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Mae Sri Ruen Restaurant is famous in chicken noodle for a long time. However, this restaurant currently doesn't offer just chicken noodles. There are a range of food choices available here, including one dish choice, desserts, and drinks. It is a great restaurant offering a lot of things you want to eat. Additionally, there are several branches in Pattaya City (including at Pattaya Outlet Mall, and North Pattaya Big C Supercenter). By the way, the original one is located next to Central Pattaya Road.
Deang Dam Restaurant
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Deang Dam Restaurant is a famous restaurant due to distinctive recipe and deliciousness. Although a majority of food types in the menu are based on different styles of noodle soups, there are also special dishes come with and without rice. Desserts are also offered in the restaurant. This means that customers can find different style of foods. Addition to this point, price is not expensive as well. The location of this Deang Dam Restaurant is at Central Pattaya Road, near TOT Public Company Ltd. The open time is from early morning till late night.
Khun Sri Restaurant Central Pattaya
Far from here about: 4.3 km.
Khun Sri Restaurant is renowned at soup menus. Most popular choices is curdled blood of hogs soup and Tom-Yum (the latter case is a bit spicy though). Several times, the restaurant information was mentioned in Thai TV programs or presses, so there are a lot of customers visiting the restaurant, especially at noon. In the past, it is quite difficult for customers to park their car, but recently, there is a car park behind the restaurant provided for customers’ convenience. Khun Sri Restaurant Central Pattaya is located at Central Pattaya Road near TOT Thailand Company Ltd.
Breezeo-Wine Cellar - Royal Cliff Restaurants
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At Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, there are various styles of restaurants to support different types of visitors and hotel customers. International restaurants, buffet restaurant can also be found there. Furthermore, there are a famous underground wine cellar with dining-in facility that houses an amazing selection of over 1000 wine labels and the Breezeo, new chic and trendy al-fresco beach venue, offering commanding views of the sea; and of stunning sunsets. The location of Royal Cliff Hotels Group is just next to Pattaya Hill.

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