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Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant

Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant
Not surprisingly, Lung Swai Seafood restaurant is highly recommended by a lot of people. The restaurant always offers fresh and delicious seafood with inexpensive price, even for Thai customers. The area of the restaurant is quite large since it can separate into 2 sides; one side is in front of the Jomtien Beach, while the other side is in the row house. With the large area of Lung Swai Seafood restaurant, it would be able to take care of approximately 500 customers at the same time. Additionally, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there usually are a large number of customers going to the restaurants.

First of all, we need to clarify that the meaning of "Lung" is uncle or old man. And, Lung Swai told the story that about thirty years ago there were a lot of G.I. Soldiers visiting Pattaya, and at the night time, they walked along the beach in order to buy some food at a restaurant. However, at that time, there were not many restaurants in Pattaya. Once the soldiers saw Lung Swai, One of them walked towards him and asked if there was a restaurant in this area because the soldiers were so hungry. After understanding the situation, Lung Swai then helped them by asking for seafood from his fisherman neighborhoods and Lung Swai then also cooked for them. Because of not many restaurants in that area, Lung Swai then established the restaurant to support visitors. At first the restaurant is very small, but it has been developed over time until being a large restaurant.

The location of Lung Swai Seafood restaurant is at the end of Jomtien Beach. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to find. And don't have to worry about your vehicle since there is also the car park for the restaurant.

Contact information:
Address: 31/1 Mu 1, Na Jomtien, Pattaya
Tel: +66 (0)-3823-1398
Map (Image)
the map of Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant

Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 1Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 2Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 3
Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 4Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 5Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 6
Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 7Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 8Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 9
Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 10Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 11Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant 12
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