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Koh Loy (Ko Loi)

Koh Loy (Ko Loi)
Koh Loy is an attraction at Sriracha, approximately 30 kilometers from Pattaya City. Koh Loy is a very small island connected to the mainland of Sriracha by a long bridge. Although the island is small, it is a good place to visit. The evening time on Koh Loy is very popular for relaxation. The transportation from the main land to Koh Loy is also comfortable for visitors due to the bridge and a car park. Additionally, there are several famous restaurants on this small island.

Koh Loy is a 3 rai island that connects to the mainland by a bridge long 500 meters. Koh Loy might be the smallest island in Thailand though. In the past, there is a street established to connect to the island instead of the bridge, but it blocked sea water to flow around that area, and that therefore was the cause of decayed sea water. For this reason, the council then changed the street to the bridge to solve this problem, and it has worked very well.

From the view point on the island, visitors can see every area around it, where there is Koh Sri Chang on the left-hand side and the city of Sriracha at the backside. At the evening, a lot of people go to exercise on Koh Loy, fishing on the bridge, and view the sunset. At the night time, visitors will see not only different views on Koh Loy but also from the city light.

A lot of visitors, especially local people, go there in order to respect Luong Phor Phiw at his shrine, ex-abbot of Wat Srimaharacha. In the pavilion, there is also the picture of Luong Phor Phiw. Addtionally, there is Guan Yin Statue on the hill behind the island fro visitors to respect as well.

From Pattaya City, visitors need to use Sukhumvit Road to go to Sriracha. Before the government office of Sriracha, visitors need to turn left to head to Koh Loy. On the other hand, those who do not have a vehicle can go there by a metered taxi or go to Sriracha by a second class bus from Pattaya to Sriracha first, then take a motorcycle taxi to Koh Loy.

Contact information:
Address: A small island near the northern shore of Sriracha
Tel: (none)
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