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Khao Chi Chan

Khao Chi Chan
Khao Chi Chan is one of tourist places in Chonburi as there is a biggest Buddha image sculpted on the cliff - height: 109 meters, wide: 70 meters , approximately. People usually go there for both seeing and respecting the amazing Buddha image. There is also a large field in front of the cliff, including a lake with water lilies and stone garden. However, tourists are not allowed to enter the lake and the garden. They can just look around it outside, in other words.

Khao Chi Chan, at first, was cracked for a construction purpose. After that Phra Yan Sang Worn had come up with developing it to be the biggest Buddha image sculpture to celebrate in the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Majesty King Bhumibol. The Buddha image is the sitting form in the style of Pang Man Wichai as Phrawarachabopit.

There were several steps to sculpt the biggest Buddha image. Firstly, it was designed by using computer software. Then the Buddha image had been drawn on the cliff by using the laser of Buddha image designed. The laser drawing step was done only at the night times due to being able see the laser clearly, while, at the day times, it was time for staffs to adjust the drawing. After completing the drawing, the sculpture was started until finished.

Khoa Chi Chan opens from 06.00 to 18.00. Visitors should obey any warning signs and do not come closer to the cliff than the warning line as it is possible for visitors to get injured by falling stones.

Khoa Chi Chan is located near Wihan Sian and Silver lake winery. From sukhumvit Road, visitors need to turn to the inter-junction after approximately 500 meters from Wat Yansangwararam and then drive straight away about 6 kilometers to Khao Chi Chan. Those who do not have a car can go there by a Songthaew or Metered Taxi.

There is no entrance fee at all.

Contact information:
Address: Is located at 6 kilometres from Km. 160 of Sukhumvit Road
Tel: (none)
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