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Central Festival Pattaya Beach

Central Festival Pattaya Beach
Is Central Festival Pattaya Beach a large shopping center? Yeah, it is. Someone said it is the largest department store in Asia. But it is actually not. The fact is that it is only the largest beach shopping center in Asia. What is the matter about it? No, it does not matter at all. We just want to tell you, that is. Though, it should at least indicate that the shopping center would be a good place for a shopaholic to stay for a while, wouldn't it? Just wait a second before going to shop there. Note that the location of Central Festival Pattaya Beach is close to a very high building, Hilton Hotel, in Pattaya City.

After boards of Central Group believed that Pattaya City was a fascinating location as it seemed to be the center of eastern of Thailand for tourist businesses, transportation, and technology. Central Festival Pattaya Beach Pattaya was then established on 23 January 2009 underneath the proudly announcement, The Largest Beachfront Lifestyle shopping Complex in Asia. Its wideness connecting to the beach is about 111 meters. Five Stars Hilton Hotel was also established next to this Central Festival at the following year.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach is the highest class department store in Pattaya. It offers products from a lot of renowned brands, Swarovski, Armani Exchange, RIPCURL, FCUK, Lacoste, Adidas, Nike, Giordano, Jaspal, and so on. Fashionable clothes can therefore be found in this beach shopping center. Clothes can be found on the ground floor to the third floor.

Electronic products, mobile phones, and book stores can also be found from the ground floor to the second floor. Apple fans can found apple products at I-Studio shop on the first floor, while the majority of electronic products could be found in Power Buy that is also located at the first floor. Since there are a number of foreigners in Pattaya, Book Stores, not surprisingly, also offer English- and some other-language books. There are a few books stores in this shopping center, so you could find one almost every floor, except floor of the Food Hall.

Visitors can find common Food Court at the B floor, where you need to transfer your money into the Food Court Card before buying anything there. There are also alternative options on the third and fourth floor if visitors would like to have more expensive foods.

As a large shopping center anywhere else, visitors could also enjoy up-to-date movies from SFX cinema at the highest floor.

The shopping Center is open from 11 AM to 11 PM. The location of Central Festival Pattaya Beach is located about Soi 9 and in between Pattay Beach Road and Second Road. Visitors could therefore go there by either a little walk or a Song Thaew. Visitors can also park their car or motorcycle at the park, but it will be an hourly parking charge as well (for a car it will be charge after three hours).

Contact information:
Address: Pattaya Soi 9 between Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road
Map (Image)
the map of Central Festival Pattaya Beach

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Central Beach Festival 4Central Beach Festival 5Central Beach Festival 6
Central Beach Festival 7Central Beach Festival 8Central Beach Festival 9
Central Beach Festival 10Central Beach Festival 11Central Beach Festival 12
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Map of Central Festival Pattaya Beach with Google Map แสดงสถานที่เที่ยวใกล้เคียง แสดงร้านอาหารใกล้เคียง

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The Ripleys believe It or Not Pattaya
Far from here about: 0.8 km.
The Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum in Pattaya presents a great number of abnormal stories all over the world. There are creepy hunted houses, museum, and 4-d Motion Movie Theater. Currently, there is also Louis Tussaud’s wax works for visitors to take a photo with. Visitors could spend several hours on enjoying all of them. The Ripleys Believe it or Not in Pattaya is located in Royal Garden Plaza, which is very near Pattaya Beach. However, the pictures showed for this Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum are only around the museum, because the collection need to be show inside only.
Art in Paradise Pattaya
Far from here about: 1.7 km.
Art in Paradise Pattaya is another great place for tourists to visit in Pattaya City because it is, in the present, the first and only one illusion art museum - the museum presenting Anamorphosis. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the museum interactively by taking photos of your posture with 3d illusion painting or even touching the painting. Besides, its location is really great since it is in the city, Near North Pattaya Big C Supercenter. Not surprisingly, the museum is popular for visitors in different ages, especially kids.
Pattaya Hill (Khao Phra Bat)
Far from here about: 2.4 km.
It is accessible by an asphalt road, which leads up to the hilltop. Khao Phra Bat Pattaya is now the site of the Naval Radio Station where the monument of Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, the Father of Royal Thai Navy, is situated. A sacred Buddha image is also enshrined on the hilltop. The viewpoint on the hilltop offers a panoramic view of Pattaya City and Pattaya Bay.
Wong Amat Beach and Wong Prachan Beach
Far from here about: 2.6 km.
Wong Amat beach is another beautiful and a bit quiet beach which is located in North Pattaya Part near Central Wong Amat Beach Resort. This Wong Amat beach is about 1 kilometers long curve. It will be suitable to any of those who prefer to take a break at the beach quietly. But, because this beach is quiet, there are currently only a few restaurants, no nightlife offered, and no major convenience stores except a family mart. However, there are lanes connecting to main Naklua Road or Pattaya Beach in just several Minutes, so visitors can drive there if they need something that is not supplies in Wong Amat Beach.
Wang Sam Sien Pattaya
Far from here about: 2.7 km.
Wang Sam Sien is a place in pattaya presenting the collection of Chinese antique works, such as statues from Chinese history and stories of the 24 gratitutes. Visitors can enter Wang Sam Sien everyday with free of charge. There is also a garden presenting natural atmosphere. There is a restaurant for serving tourists as well. The location of Wang Sam Sien is on Pattaya hill very near Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha).
Wat Phra Yai Pattaya (Big Buddha Hill)
Far from here about: 2.8 km.
One of most tourist spots in Pattaya is Wat Phra Yai (Or Big Buddha Wat). This is because the image Buddha is so huge. Visitors usually come to see how huge it be and also pay respect at the image Buddha. Some visitor hit the bells, around the hill, from the start to the end because they believe a lot of good things will happen to them after doing so. The location of Wat Phra Yai is on the hill near Suan Chaloemphrakiet and Wang Sam Sian.
Mini Siam
Far from here about: 3.4 km.
One of most popular places in Pattaya definitely includes Mini Siam. It presents a collection of models of important places in the world in order to make visitors feel like they are going to many countries in a day. The examples of these models are the Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Trevi Fountain, Taj Mahal , Wat Phra Kaew, and so on. Mini Siam is also easy to go as it is located at the main Street of Pattaya.
The Pattaya Park
Far from here about: 3.8 km.
A well known tourist place in Pattaya is Pattaya park due to offering a set of activites such as Sky Shuttle, Speed Shuttle and Tower Jump. In particular Tower Jump, it is one of the most interesting activity because not only can you see a panoramic view from the highest of the Pattaya park tower, but you can also try jumping to the ground by the activity program.
Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Satchatham)
Far from here about: 4.1 km.
The Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Satchatham) is considered as the most attractive sights in Pattaya since it is an extremely large building which is embellished with beautiful wood carvings - homage to the ancient vision of: earth, knowledge, and Asian philosophy. Visitors can experience visions of ancient life achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical truths. There is also a dolphin show in the lagoon at 11.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. The Sanctuary of Truth is located in the Naklua area, which visitors can hired a baht bus (Songteaw) to be there, or can book a tour through most travel agents.
Pattaya Underwater World
Far from here about: 4.4 km.
A new tourist attraction in town is the largest and most modern ocean aquarium in Asia, boasting a 100-meter-long, 6.4-centimeter-thick acrylic pedestrian tunnel through an underwater environment filled with dozens of marine species. Located just 200 meters south of Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya, the new theme park covers a total area of 12-rai and is housed in a structure similar to a large circus tent. The aquarium itself houses more than 4,000 marine animals, comprising more than 200 different species from the region as well as some rare creatures from overseas. Top in the Visitors must-see list is the rare shovelnose ray, a hybrid between a shark and a stingray. Admission fee for adults is 500 baht and children is 300 baht.
Restaurants Nearby
Pizzeria Romana
Far from here about: 0.5 km.
Pizzeria Romana is one of interesting Italian restaurants in Pattaya. Although the restaurant has not been recommended by many major sources, from a chance of visiting the restaurant once, Pizzeria is one of our choices whenever we would like to have pizza or spaghetti in the city. The food price is also not expensive, a little cheaper than pizza restaurants in shopping centers, in general. The location of the restaurant is in Central Shopping Arcade.
Shenanigans Irish Pub Pattaya
Far from here about: 0.6 km.
One of an interesting Pubs and restaurants in Pattaya is definitely Shenanigan Irish Pub, on the second floor of The Avenue Pattaya. Its atmosphere and decoration are Irish style, but food choices are more international, such as Mexican, Western, Thai, and Irish. Surely, customers can also enjoy a cocktail, and a range of beers as well as spirits, including draught Guinness, inside. Several screens available inside are for sport fans, especially soccer, and there is a pool table for customers to play. Additionally, different types of "All you can eat" promotions are available, everyday.
Ruen Thai Restaurant Pattaya
Far from here about: 0.7 km.
Ruen Thai Restaurant Pattaya is one of distinctive restaurants in Pattaya because of its appearance, which looks like Thai traditional building. Ruen Thai Restaurant not only offers both Thai and international cuisines, but also offers Thai Traditional shows. Additionally, the restaurant also provides open-air atmosphere with beautiful interior towards the customer in order to make the restaurant a good place to have a meal for a couple. Ruen Thai Restaurant location is at Pattaya 2nd Road (in the middle of South and Central Pattaya Road).
Khun Sri Restaurant Central Pattaya
Far from here about: 0.8 km.
Khun Sri Restaurant is renowned at soup menus. Most popular choices is curdled blood of hogs soup and Tom-Yum (the latter case is a bit spicy though). Several times, the restaurant information was mentioned in Thai TV programs or presses, so there are a lot of customers visiting the restaurant, especially at noon. In the past, it is quite difficult for customers to park their car, but recently, there is a car park behind the restaurant provided for customers’ convenience. Khun Sri Restaurant Central Pattaya is located at Central Pattaya Road near TOT Thailand Company Ltd.
Deang Dam Restaurant
Far from here about: 0.8 km.
Deang Dam Restaurant is a famous restaurant due to distinctive recipe and deliciousness. Although a majority of food types in the menu are based on different styles of noodle soups, there are also special dishes come with and without rice. Desserts are also offered in the restaurant. This means that customers can find different style of foods. Addition to this point, price is not expensive as well. The location of this Deang Dam Restaurant is at Central Pattaya Road, near TOT Public Company Ltd. The open time is from early morning till late night.
Mae Sri Ruen Restaurant Pattaya
Far from here about: 1 km.
Mae Sri Ruen Restaurant is famous in chicken noodle for a long time. However, this restaurant currently doesn't offer just chicken noodles. There are a range of food choices available here, including one dish choice, desserts, and drinks. It is a great restaurant offering a lot of things you want to eat. Additionally, there are several branches in Pattaya City (including at Pattaya Outlet Mall, and North Pattaya Big C Supercenter). By the way, the original one is located next to Central Pattaya Road.
Somsak Restaurant Pattaya
Far from here about: 1.4 km.
Somsak restaurant is a famous restaurant in Pattaya. As Somsak Restaurant is an approximately 20 year old restaurant, it offers customers a sense of maintaining recipes for decades, in particular for fried ice-creams. The fried ice-cream is different from most other restaurants offering this kind of ice-cream, because a scoop of ice cream is put into thick cake butter rather than mixed with bread powder. And definitely, the taste is really good. Foreigners are main customers for the restaurant. The location of Somsak restaurant is at Soi 1 of North Pattaya (Beach).
Havana Bar and Terrazzo
Far from here about: 1.5 km.
Havana Bar and Terrazzo Restaurant is one of great places to be recommended in Pattaya. They are the ground based dining arena in front of Holiday Inn Pattaya (Beachfront Hotel, North Pattaya). Havana Bar is the only one retro Cuba Style decorated in Pattaya, whereas Terrazo restaurant is a relaxed outdoor style mainly offering a variety of Italian food choices. There are Happy hours offered daily in order to attract more customers to visit the bar. Those who prefer live music atmosphere can visit the restaurant on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday from 8.30 PM to 11 PM.
Ko Khun Phon Yang Kham Pattaya
Far from here about: 2 km.
Ko-Khun (Khun Thong) Phonyangkham Restaurant Pattaya is an interesting choice for beef lovers. According to the Thai name of this restaurant, main dishes are certainly from beef, but this restaurant is different from other beef restaurant because the taste and softness of the beef is greater. Additionally, price is also not expensive even for Thai customers. This is why the restaurant is pretty popular for either Thai or foreign visitors. Although there are currently many branches of the restaurant in Thailand, Pattaya branch is only one in Chonburi. The location of the restaurant is at North Pattaya (Near Tesco Lotus).
La Baguette the French Bakery Cafe
Far from here about: 2 km.
La Baguette is a famous French bakery cafe in Pattaya. There are a range of bakery and cake choices offered. Each of them is tasty, of course! Not only the taste that make the cafe popular, but its beautiful decoration with white vintage theme also makes the atmosphere great. If you are one of French bakery fans, you should not miss this one when visiting Pattaya City. Its location is at Naklua Road, near Dolphin roundabout.
Jae Toh Restaurant
Far from here about: 2 km.
Jae Toh Restaurant Pattaya is very famous for noodle soup with Meatball and steamed meat, steamed pork. The restaurant is clean and larger than common noodle restaurant in Pattaya. The noodle price is also reasonable and their service is quick and good. However, at noon, there will be a lot of customers visiting Jae Toh Restaurant, so it would take more time than non-busy period. Jae Toh restaurant is located next to Pattaya 3rd Road in the area of North Pattaya.
Je Juk (Jae Jook) Seafood Pattaya
Far from here about: 2.1 km.
Jejuk is one of recommended seafood restaurants in Pattaya. Although overall factors, such as atmostphere, service, and location, for this restaurant is normal, the deliciousness and inexpensiveness is very attractive for customers. In other words, the reputation of Jejuk Restaurant comes from being valuable. In fact there is another branch, but this one is the original one. It is easy to find the restaurant because Its location is at North Pattaya Road near Tesco Lotus North Pattaya.
Bali Hai Sunset Restaurant Pattaya
Far from here about: 2.5 km.
Bali Hai Sunset Restaurant is a spectacularly designed restaurant in Pattaya, underneath the concept of white dome appearance. The restaurant offer both Thai and International dishes, where it taste is also great. There are many seats offered at an outdoor wooden deck, which customers would enjoy seaside view, and sunset in the evening. In other words, the restaurant can definitely offer very romantic sense towards customers, especially a couple. Bali Hai Sunset Restaurant is also located in a great place because it is near Pattaya Walking Street but in Bali Hai area .
Somtam Pa Praphai Pattaya
Far from here about: 2.5 km.
Somtam Pa Praphai is the most recommended restaurant, by Bangkok native-Thai visitors, for Eastern Food restaurant in Pattaya. It is recommended to have fried chickens when having Somtam because they become more tasteful when matching up in this restaurant. Somtam Pa Praphai was a small restaurant, but it is changed location for expanding its area so that the restaurant can take care more customers than before. Customers sometimes still need to wait when coming to the restaurant at noon though. Somtam Pa Praphai Pattaya is now located at Soi 18 Naklua, which connects to Wong Amat Beach.
Breezeo-Wine Cellar - Royal Cliff Restaurants
Far from here about: 2.7 km.
At Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, there are various styles of restaurants to support different types of visitors and hotel customers. International restaurants, buffet restaurant can also be found there. Furthermore, there are a famous underground wine cellar with dining-in facility that houses an amazing selection of over 1000 wine labels and the Breezeo, new chic and trendy al-fresco beach venue, offering commanding views of the sea; and of stunning sunsets. The location of Royal Cliff Hotels Group is just next to Pattaya Hill.
Wandee House Fine Dining Restaurant
Far from here about: 3.3 km.
Wandee House Restaurant is not a large restaurant, but its reputation is not as small as its size. Although the restaurant is not located next to the main street, there are still many customers visiting this restaurant. This is because the taste of dishes is great. Its menu and taste are uniqe from other restaurant. Services of the staffs and the atmosphere from the decoration as well as music background are also good enough to consider therestaurant as a romantic restaurant near Pattaya City. Its price, however, is a little higher than average. Almost forget to say that this restaurant offer Italian and Thai food as the main choices. Its location is almost at the end of Soi 16 Naklua, Pattaya.
Sketch Book Art Cafe
Far from here about: 3.8 km.
Sketch Book Art Cafe is a soft restaurant in Pattaya that is designed with different style from other restaurants. This is because it is the art-gallery cafe. Customers of the cafe can experience drinking or eating in the middle of art furniture. There are also different flowers and plants grown around the cafe. This makes the atmosphere more natural and attractive. There is also Free Internet WiFi offered here. So, it is a great place for relaxing in Pattaya.
Kupcakz Bakery Cafe Pattaya
Far from here about: 4.3 km.
Kupcakz is one of recommended bakery cafes in Pattaya. It is in fact owned by Z Through by The Zign hotel. This small cafe is well decorated and offers a range of food choices, such as hot- cold tea coffee, bakery, fruit juice, smoothie, and several meal dishes. It can then support a range of customer sorts at the same time. Apart from all of those, free internet WiFi is also offered at Kupcakz. It is therefore can be seen as a relaxing place for many visitors. Its location is at Soi Naklua 12, as Sanctuary of Truth.

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