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is one of interesting tourist destination on the east of Thailand. It can respond to any type of tourists – natural attractions, waterfalls, fruit farms, beaches, islands, museums and national parks. Definitely, several beaches in Rayong are famous enough to be the main attractions of the province. Visitors can enjoy the beach in many places, where they are all provided with about a list of seafood restaurants as well as water activities. Tourists can also visit a world famous island, named Koh Samed, here.

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Lists of tourist spots in Rayong

Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park
Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park is spread over a large area of 52,300 rai which is around 20,000 acres and is Thailand’s thirteenth national park. The park which includes the watershed area of the Prasae River is covered with a rich growth of tropical green forest and is home to different types of animal and plant life. Two natural trails, one being two kilometres and the other three kilometres in length, allow tourists to explore the park, enjoy nature at its best and provides them an opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Visitors must register themselves at the tourist centre. Accommodation in tents and houses can be arranged at the time of admission.
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HRH Princess Sirindhorn Herb Garden
HRH Princess Herb Garden is situated to the southeast of Bangkok, on the route from Chon Buri to Rayong, at a little distance from the Highway 36. The garden is a treasure trove of herbal plants. The wedge-shaped property has over 20,000 such plants and is divided into 20 sections. Each section contains plants grouped according to their use. Notably, the garden which is named after HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, grows many of the plants that form the ingredients of traditional Thai herbal preparations. The meandering pathways in the herb garden systematically lead visitors through the various sections allowing them to discover the uses of a variety of herbs.
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Rayong Aquarium
Rayong Aquarium is an attraction for any kind of ages, especially family group of visitors. There are a lot of sea creatures for visitors to look around or learn how they live. Both indoor and outdoor sections are separated for visitors to look around. For indoor section, visitors can see various beautiful marine lives in 43 tanks, while the outdoor one is for ponds of shark and turtle, a shell museum, and an exhibition of fisherman life as well as local fishing tools. This aquarium is also clean and well organized enough to look around easily. Lastly, one of great points here is that the entrance fee is pretty cheap even for foreign visitors.
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Yomjinda Walking Street
Yomjinda Walking Street is one of most interesting places in Rayong. It is a great place to explore old architecture of Rayong city. Not just the architecture, this old street is also set up to present activities by locals, such as traditional foods, fair trade crafts, music, dance, and shadow puppets. When running by the community, the atmosphere of the street here becomes even more antique. This night market is worth visit, so if you have a little free time at night near downtown of Rayong, don't forget to spend your time here.
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Koh Kloi Market
Koh Kloi Market can be seen as either an attraction or interesting market in Rayong. This market provide atmosphere of how a market in the community in the past is. Buildings are decorated with antique style – small wooden row houses along a pond. This market is also good for take a seat and relaxed for a while due to smoothly air flow. This market is also a place for interesting products such as antique items and hand-made accessories. There is also a food zone to support visitors.
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Mae Ram Phung Beach
Mae Ram Phung Beach is one of famous beaches in Rayong, where it is white sandy and the longest beach in the province, approximately 12 kilometers long. Pine trees along the beach area are naturally decorative spots making the beach more shady and attractive. Not surprisingly, lots of visitors usually come to relax and picnic here. There are also many restaurants and street stalls near the beach. It makes this beach living. This beach is looked after by Khao Laemya National Park, located nearby. This beach is not far from Rayong City since it is only about 11 meters from the city. However, there is a warning for swimmer about rip current here.
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Khao Laemya National Park
Khao Laem Ya National Park is one of interesting attraction in the province of Rayong. A lot of people go there to see sunset view in the evening. On the hill in this national park, visitors can also see view on either Mae Ram Phung Beach or Koh Samed Island. This hill is also a closest spot to the Island, where its foothill can even see Ao Phao beach on the island also. In this national park, visitors can find beautiful spots, natural atmosphere and various trees and flowers. Certainly, it is a great place for visitors in any kind of ages.
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Phra Chedi Klangnam
One of most well-known Buddhist structure is Phra Chedi Klang Nam, meaning the stupa in the middle of water. It is in fact the stupa built on the isle at Rayong river mouth. Rayong's most impressive Buddhist temple can be found on an island in the middle of the Rayong River. In the past, this 10-meters-high stupa was also a landmark to indicate sailors as a sign arrival in Rayong City. There are mangrove forest covering this location, where mangrove learning center is also available here for tourists to visit after having a look at the stupa.
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Sky View Tower at Mangrove Research Center
Sky view tower is an interesting place to visit in Rayong as visitors can see panoramic view of Rayong river and mangrove forest at the top of the tower. Not only the tower itself is interesting here, but the walkway is also fascinating with a plenty of mangroves, where the great natural atmosphere and an opportunity of exploring mangrove ecology are provided. The wonderful natural area like this is rarely seen even in Thailand, so when coming close to this area, don't hesitate to visit this sky view tower. It's really worth visiting and no fee of charge at its entrance at all.
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Saengchan Beach
Saengchan Beach is the nearest famous beach from Rayong city, located about 6 kilometer far from the city. The name of this beach, "Saengchan Beach" meaning moonlight beach, comes from its identical. This beach is quite different from many other beaches because the appearance of the beach is like a lot of small moon crest connected together. The seawater is clear and the water is not deep, suitable for playing with the water near the shore. It is also not difficult for visitors to find a beachfront luxury hotels, seafood restaurants, and bars. In short, this will be one of most interesting place in Rayong for those who would like to sunbath and enjoy swimming in front of a luxury hotel.
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Namrin Beach
Namrin beach is recently introduced as a beach in Ban Chang District. It is provided with several resting spots for visitors to take a seat enjoying gently sea breeze. Plus, there is also a public park next to the beach so that visitors can have more activities to enjoy with their kids. Industry scene is also applied here, in the park, for either day time or evening time. It is in fact the most interesting beach in this area. If you want to go to a beach in Ban Chang area, this one will certainly be the first choice.
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Suanson Beach
One of famous beaches in Rayong is Suan Son Beach, meaning pine-tree garden beach. According to its name, you can probably imagine that there will a lot of pine trees at the beach. Of course, it is. There are pine trees along the beach road, where some part of the road are even covered with pine trees in both sides. This means that the beach is famous not only for enjoying swimming but also for relaxation under the shade of the trees at the same time. This is the reason why tons of tourists, especially on weekend, come to visit this beach. The beach is also long enough for visitors to find either comfort or quiet spots.
Laem Maephim Beach
Laem Mae Phim Beach is one of three most popular beaches in Rayong Province. However, rather than located near Rayong city, this beach is situated in Klaeng district. Before say no to this beach because it is not close to the major city of the province. This beach is actually interesting for a number of tourists, including foreign visitors. White-sandy beach, a plenty of seafood restaurants, and activities here attract visitors to enjoy and stay in this long beach, approximately 10 kilometers long, more and more. Visitors can also rent a three-wheel motorcycle, not Tuk Tuk, to travel around Rayong province easily.
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Koh Mun Nai
Koh Man Nai is an interesting island in Rayong. Visitors can enjoy their trip with natural atmosphere, several beautiful beaches, and turtle conservation center. Those who love coral reefs also have a chance to see it around Naban Beach. This island is the largest island in the group of Koh Mun islands and is the second largest island in Rayong. It is also not far from the main land, only approximately 5 kilometers away, so it doesn't take much time to be impressive fresh air on the island.
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Koh Mun Klang
Koh Mun Klang is an attractive destination, especially for those who are after a plain natural island to stay. There is a clean and beautiful white-sandy beach for visitors to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Accommodation provided on this island is provided in hut style next to the beach, so visitors can enjoy the beach in an instant. Natural atmosphere and coral reefs can be presented towards visitors as well. Visitors can also have a look at shell farm or take a rental kayak to go around the island. There is also an interesting area to see a little separated sea. It is a recommended spot for visitors.
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Koh Mun Nork
Koh Mun Nork is one of interesting islands in Rayong. This island is a private island that allows visitors to visit, and it is a great destination for those who are after a peaceful and impressive place. Visitors can enjoy both beautiful beach and natural atmosphere of the jungle. Diving to see coral reefs are also what most visitors usually do. Visitors are required to stay overnight, if they want to visit this island. Therefore, make sure to make a reservation beforehand.
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Prasae Estuary
Prasae River Mouth is an interesting riverfront village in Klaeng District, Rayong. The community here is recently developed with ideas for attracting those who are interested in how locals live. Visitors can explore this village and area around by themselves or activities created for tourism. Seating on a three-wheeled motorcycle to look around how people live next to the river, how fascinating to take a boat looking fireflies at night, how golden mangrove forest is like, how peaceful beach here can be, and how an old battleship in Thailand look like. Not surprisingly, this place is a worth-visiting one in Rayong.
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Golden Mangrove Field
The Golden Mangrove Field covering an area of 2,400 acres is perhaps the largest single mangrove plantation in the province of Rayong. The mangroves are home to a variety of sea and aquatic life including crabs, fish and shrimp and provide many locals their means of livelihood. The area has also been developed to promote eco-tourism in the Pak Nam Prasae town in Rayong.
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Ao-Khai Beach
If you are a fan of private beach, where not so many visitors go to enjoy, Ao Khai can be one of an excellent choice. This is because this beach presents a great white-sandy beach with just one restaurant and a few accommodations. Compared to those all the beaches on the main land in Rayong province, the sand on this beach seems to be more attractive than the others. It is genuine white-sandy beach, just like what you can see on Samet island. Visitors usually come to sunbathing on a beach chair here. This beach is also not far from Laem Mae Phim beach, so take a few minutes from there by a vehicle if you are looking for a non-busy beach.
Suan Wangkaew Beach
One of most interesting beaches in Rayong would include Suan Wangkaew Beach. This is a private landscape allowing tourists to visit with very cheap entrance fee. In the area of Suan Wangkaew, there are several beaches to enjoy. A lot of trees decorated in the area are also attractive enough to make natural atmosphere. It can be one of great beaches for those who would like to enjoy their holiday with a quiet place in Rayong. However, someone might argue that on weekend there will be a lot of visitors come by. It is true, but, in that case, the major beaches in Rayong will be so crowded. Note that, there are not any 24-hours convenient stores like Seven Eleven in the area.
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