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Koh Larn Pattaya Thailand (Coral Island)

General Information of the Koh Larn

Koh Larn Introduction


Koh Larn Beaches

tawaen beach koh larn pattaya Tawaen Beach is the most popular beach on Koh Larn because of full facilities and beautiful beach. This beach is highly recommended.
thong lang koh larn pattaya Thong Lang Beach is used to be a very popular beach as it is next to Tawaen Beach. However, today this beach is seen as a quiet beach.
samae beach koh larn pattaya Samae Beach is really an interesting beach as there are places for taking photos from both side of the beach. This beach just becomes more popular.
nuah-beach-koh-larn-pattaya Nual Beach is an option for those who are looking for a quiet beach. some of western visitors choose to sunbathe at this beach.
tayao beach koh larn pattaya Ta Yai Beach is a very small and quiet beach but the atmoshere is good. It is really suitable for those who like a non-noisy beach as this beach can be seen as a private one.
tien beach koh larn pattaya Tien Beach is another beautiful beach. it offers white sandy beach and clear seawater with not too busy environment.
When going to Pattaya Thailand (Chonburi Province), there is an interesting island recommended by most visitors. It is the island, named Koh Larn (Ko Lan). This Koh Larn is not far from Pattaya City, only approximately 7.5 Kilometers, as visitors can see the island from Pattaya Beach.  Before you asking why people have to go to Koh Larn when they can enjoys the beach from the city side, we would like to tell you that Koh Larn’s Beaches are very beautiful, white sandy, and clear. Beaches on Koh Larn significant more encourage visitors to enjoy seawater than Pattaya Beach, In other words. It is worthy to spend a little time and a little money on a ferry to see this tourist attraction of Pattaya. There are also two small islands, Koh Krok, and Koh Sak, near Koh Larn as well.

To travel to Koh Lahn, a number of people prefer to go there for just a day trip as it is very near, and many visitors have also stayed at a room from the side of Pattaya City. However, there are some visitors would like to enjoys night environment on the island, so there are also accommodations available on Koh Larn. There are a number of restaurants, shops, and a 7/11 shop on the island as well, so visitors do not have to worry about being hungry there.

There are several famous beaches on Koh Larn, where the most popular one is Tawaen Beach and the other places also offer different good points. There is a list on the right hand side and you can click on each of them for more detail.

naban port Naban Port is a major port that ferries will drop visitors off. It is seen as a front door of Koh Larn and as the center of facilities available in Koh Larn since visitors can find a range of restaurants, accommodations, souvenir shops, convenient stores and so on.  There is also an ATM of Kasikorn Bank (K-Bank) available at this Naban Port.

Koh Larn Transportation and Pattaya Port Car park

If you are looking for the information of transportation to and around Koh Larn, this section is the right place as it can deliver such information for you. There is also the information about parking private car before going there. In short, with the information provided you will know time table of Pattaya-Koh Larn ferries and how you get around there, where to place your car, and how much you would spend on the transportation. Read more Koh Larn Transportation.

Sightseeing on Koh Larn

There are a few major places for enjoy spectacular views from Koh Larn. Visitors can see this island from very high place, which is really fascinating, and visitors can also see Pattaya City from these points of views. It is a great opportunity to be impressed by panoramic views that shows every place around the island. Don’t just enjoy the beach when going to Koh Larn, attractions could also interest you well. Read more Koh Larn Attractions.
panoramic view on koh larn

Koh Larn Accommodations

Most visitors try to find accommodation information when they need to travel anywhere, including Koh Larn. However, there are several factors to find a room to stay. Some visitor wants a room next to the sea, some prefer a great service as the priority, but some want to stay in a quiet area. It would to be better to have more information about accommodation so that you will not have to worry about place to stay anymore. Read more Koh Larn Resort

Koh Larn Restaurants

Jae Joom Restaurant
Koh Larn Jae Joom Restaurant is one of great recommended restaurants on Koh Larn. Not only is the food taste great, but the food price is inexpensive. the restaurant suit either a group of customers or a couple. The restaurant opens from 08.00 to 20.00.
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Chalianglom Restaurant
Chalianglom Restaurant is a romantic restaurant on Koh Larn because its location is next to the sea. But there are often a lot of customers on weekend or holiday, so you should book in advance if you would like to visit this restaurant. The restaurant opens from 18.00 to 24.00
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Puang Payom Restaurant
Puang Payom Restaurant is a highly recommeded restaurant on Koh Larn. Fresh food and atmosphere can bring a lot of customers to visit the restaurant, so for a holiday or weekend, you should make a reservation in advance. The restaurant opens from 18.00 to 22.00
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Koh Larn Seafood Restaurant
Puang Payom Restaurant is a highly recommeded restaurant on Koh Larn. Fresh food and atmosphere can bring a lot of customers to visit the restaurant, so for a holiday or weekend, you should make a reservation in advance. The restaurant opens from 18.00 to 22.00
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Pawaad Noodle Restaurant
Pawaad Noodle Restaurant is recommended by losts of Thai visitors. Not only is it inexpensive, but the food taste is great also. This restaurant open from 07.00 till 14.00 (close every Tuesday and Wednesday).
Pizza Mania and Sawasdee Koh Larn Coffee
Pizza Mania and Sawasdee Koh LArn Coffee is an alternative food and drink style on Koh Larn. Its location is in the market of Naban Port. So if you like to have Pizza or a cup of coffee, just visit there.

Koh Larn Atmosphere

Naban Port
As mention above, Naban Port is the main port of Koh Larn. There are a lots of visitors transferred to this port. At the arrival of a ferry, visitors queqe to the land, while there are a few staffs helping them to get on the land securely. After getting on the land, visitors will see the main gate of Koh Larn, where there are a lots of shops around this gate as well. Those who want to rent a motocycle can do it here. Additionally, on the left handside of the gate, there are a convenience store, named Saven Eleven.
Tawaen Beach
Tawaen Beach is the most popular beach on Koh Larn. From the street before the beach a little, there is a parking area for those who go to the beach by a vehicle. You then just walk a little from the parking area to entering the beach. When arriving at the area of the beach, you will see a lot of beach chairs with under umbellars, and there are a variety of shops and restaurants there.
Samae Beach
Samae Beach is an interesting beach on Koh Larn. Recently, visitors go to this beach more and more. Not only its activies and facilities are great, but there are also attractive views from both sides of the beach. Some people walk around for taking some photos there.

Ta Yai Beach
One of a famous beach at quietness on Koh Larn is Ta Yai Beach. This beach is located at the end of the street from the right hand side of Naban Port. Before the beach area, its environment has been develped for more attractive. Once you arrive at the beach, you will know how small of this beach by just a glance. So it would really suit those who are after a quiet area.
Tien Beach
At the first time we arrived at this beach, we in fact inteded to go to Samae Beach, but we arrived at the wrong one (these two beached are close to each other). But the view of this beach impressed us since the arrival. Well, there are a long and small bride connecting to the beach. At the end of the bridge, white sand and seawater with natural background is presented.
Thong Lang Beach
Thong Lang Beach is located the north part of the island, next to Tawaen Beach, so visitors can still be able to see the activities on Tawaen Beach. From the beach, visitors can clearly see Koh Sak (Sak Island). Therefore, visitors can also have opportunity to coral reefs as there are a plenty of shallow coral reefs available. There is a restaurant available at this beach, and the staffs will ask if visitors want to go to see the coral reefs.
Nual Beach
Nual Beach is a non-noisy beach. There are a lot of reefs on the beach, so visitors who go swimming there would not like it, although there are always staffs going to clear dangerous reefs out of the beach. However, western visitors who enjoy quiet environment still often go to sunbathe at Nual Beach. On the beach, there are camp beds under umbrella and without umbrella provided. A little out of the coast, there are also shallow coral reefs for visitors to see.
Map of Koh Larn (Coral Islands Pattaya)

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