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Pattaya International Firework Competition 2011

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The event that visitors can enjoy beautiful fireworks is coming again on 16-17 December 2011. This event is collaborated with several countries, such as Denmark, Germany, Italy, Australia, China, Japan, Thailand , and so on,  in honor of the 84th birthday of His Majesty the King. The 3 Kilometer stretch of fireworks and many other types of fireworks at Pattaya Beach will be one of most beautifully attractive night in the city. This is what visitors who are going to be in Thailand at the times should not miss because the Pattaya Seaside will be incredible.

More than one hundred thousands of fireworks will be released, and visitors can see it from North Pattaya to South Pattaya. Apart from the fireworks, there are also a lot of shows and a broad range of shops throughout Pattaya Beach Road.   For this reason, any vehicles will not allow to pass through the beach road:

on 16 Dec, 10.00 AM – 1.00 AM: from the dolphin roundabount to Central Pattaya (Beach Road)
on 17 Dec, 10.00 AM – 1.00 AM: from the dolphin roundabount to Pattaya Walking Street (Beach Road)


As expected, the first day, 16 Dec 2011, was just about introducing some beautiful firework from the main six countries, and the traffic of Pattaya city was not good in the evening.  However, there was something I was not expected at all. It is a VIP zone where only those who have a “VIP ticket” (gold color) could enter the gate. When I asked a staff how I could have the ticket, he said the tickets were sent to organizations in Pattaya. So if you don’t have one, just find some good place else where for seeing the fireworks, because you cannot buy it in the event. In fact, there is a brochure (silver color one, it was similar to the ticket but it was not) given at the information center, but after observing we could not use it to enter the vip zone. It just for you to know the order of this event (although the staffs at the information center said that it was for entering the gate #2, but we in fact needed nothing to enter that gate). Just want to tell you that don’t be confused with this, and find somewhere else you could see the fireworks for 17th Dec 2011 because it will be many more fireworks and they would also be more attractive.

The starting time of the firework on December 17th will be the same as the 16th one, which is 19.30, according to its timetable (Thai language).

The main state of firework competition pattaya

Pattaya Firework

pattaya firework 2

pattaya firework 3

pattaya firework 4

firework competition atmosphere

one of beautiful firework pattaya

Different view at Pattaya Firework 2011

Another colorful one

An attractive red firework at Pattaya Beach

Another colorful firework

Not sure if it's great, but I just like it

Live music at pattaya firework 2011

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