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Recommended Restaurants in and around Bangsaen Beach

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Since Bangsaen is an attraction close to the sea, there are definitely a number of famous seafood restaurants around. The restaurants in this area are great because it use fresh materials for cooking, and with such material, the food become more delicious, not fishy smell.

For recommended Bangsaen restaurants, visitors can find every  major area in Bangsaen – Laemtan area, Wonnapha Beach (Had Won), Sammuk Hill, Angsila or even in Bangphra (a little far away from Bangsaen Beach). However, after comparing the price of restaurants in each area, restaurants in Wonnapha Beach seem a little cheaper than the other. Perhaps, they target students in the Burapha University because such area is close to the University.

Although there are a lot of recommended restaurants around Bangsaen, it is difficult to specify which one is the best one, since different people enjoy different food styles. Let’s see which one you would like to try:

List of Restaurants

Wangmuk Restaurant
Wangmuk Restaurant is a famous restaurant in the area of Sammuk Hill. Although its atmosphere is just fine, the restaurant is usually so crowded at noon and evening. This is because Wangmuk offers delicious seafood with reasonable price, and it is also situated close to Sammuk Chinese Shrine, where it is a popular place for Chinese and Thai people to respect to the angle. The location of this restaurant is in Sammuk Hill area. ... [More Detail]
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Relax Restaurant Bangsaen
Had Sai Relax Pub and Restaurant (or 'Relax' for short) is a nice decorated place in pub and restaurant style by the beach. It is an excellent choice for relaxing in the evening and night time, when you want to take a break after a long day, meeting of close friends or hanging out with your love one. This restaurant can also be seen as a romantic atmosphere in Bangsaen since it is located near Bangsaen Beach and Sammuk Hill. ... [More Detail]
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Ruen Pakarung Restaurant
Pakarung Restaurant is the best panoramic view seafood restaurant in Laemtan, Bangsaen. Although its food price seems a little higher than other restaurants around the beach, the atmosphere here is outstanding because it is situated next to the sea. Pakarung is also considered as a perfect place for having dinner and watching the sun slightly falling down to the horizontal line in the same time. It is also easy to get there because it is just right next to Laemtan roundabout on the right side. ... [More Detail]
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Krua Ton Khaw Restaurant
Krua Ton Kaw Restaurant is an outstanding restaurant in Wonnapha Beach (or Had Won). It is quite different from many restaurants in Bangsaen because this restaurant offers local food as the main dishes. Though, there are seafood menus in the restaurants as well. The atmosphere of this restaurant is great because it is a beachfront restaurant decorated with many trees. Krua Ton Khaw has currently become a favorite place for many customers even for foreigners. Perhaps, having a meal under the trees can feel as comfortable as sitting in their own backyard. The location of the restaurant is almost at the end of Wonnapha Beach. ... [More Detail]
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Roj Seafood Restaurant
Roj Seafood Restaurant is one of famous restaurants around the Burapha University area (Bangsaen). Although there are many choices of seafood restaurants around there, this restaurant is recognized as a great choice of students, teachers and office workers around university because it is well-known for low-priced and tasty food. The location is at the road behind the university. ... [More Detail]
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Krua Pla Too Restaurant
Krua Pla Too Restaurant is opened more than five years. It is well known for the local people in the neighborhood. Local seafood dishes are the main serve for this restaurant. Most of customers are students, teachers, office workers and people live nearby because of good taste, reasonable price, and close to Burapha University. In addition, Krua Pla Too Restaurant is regular charged for rice and drink, not over-charged as some famous other restaurants. The location of this restaurant is Natedee Soi 5, behind University. ... [More Detail]
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Mongkol Farm Restaurant
Mongkhol Farm Restaurant is one of recommend restaurants by a number of visitors. Although, nowadays, there are many seafood restaurants along Bangsaen-Angsila Road, Mongkhol Farm seems to be the most popular one in the area. One of the reasons for getting lots of customers every day is not only deliciousness and fresh seafood but also inexpensive prices. ... [More Detail]
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Tha Rua Seafood Restaurant
Tha Rua Seafood Restaurant has become well-known in Angsila area for a long time. Although its price is a little higher than other restaurants in the area, it is still one of a good choice for having a seafood meal. Fresh materials for cooking and deliciousness are the reason why lots on customers come to this restaurant. This restaurant is not difficult to find because it is pretty close to Angsila jetty, the fresh market in Chonburi. ... [More Detail]
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Jae Auay Restaurant
Jae Auay Restaurant is one of most well-known seafood restaurants in Ang-Sila area. The restaurant is always packed with customers because of quality and inexpensive price of food. This is why the name of restaurant is always on the list of many customers, even though it is not close to Bangsaen beach. Also, even when having a lot of customers, the food is still quick served. This restaurant is situated in Angsila area. ... [More Detail]
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Chai Talay Bang Phra Restaurant
Chai Talay Bangphra Restaurant is one of most recommended seafood restaurant in the province of Chonburi because it has been opened for a long time. There are either local residences or visitors coming to taste the food here, mostly Thais. The food price is also standard, not over-charge customers. Its location is next to the Bangphra bay. Although this restaurant is not located next to the main road as Sukhumvit Road, a number of visitors still come here to enjoy the food. This means the restaurant is definitely a famous one. ... [More Detail]
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